About Spider Bytes

Spider Bytes brings you the latest news in regards to health. We’re not just another health and fitness blog but instead look deeply into all aspects of health from the five senses to the brain to nutrition to so much more.

Spider Bytes & DNA

We love tracking the latest in new technology around health, in particular DNA. We chose this name because of the cross between both the public mystery of spider bites providing special powers (like Spider Man) and the new technology that can enhance quality of life and grows and understanding for DNA. Which is where “bytes” came from, for any of our tech-savvy readers out there, you’ll understand.

A Message From The Editorrachael

Hello fellow readers! Everyone here at Spider Bytes hope you enjoy the latest in health, sciences and nutrition just as much as we do. I love reviewing all of the great content our writers research and put together for our readers. Please if there are any concerns, questions, misspellings or misrepresentation in any of our content, make sure to notify us immediately so we can have it corrected. Thanks and welcome!

– Rachael